Organize Your Home This Winter With These 5 Key Tips

Spring and fall are popular times of the year to work on home maintenance tasks. But what better time than when it’s cold and you’re cooped up in the house to work on organizing it? Winter is a great time to complete indoor projects. Use the following ideas to organize your home this winter.

1. Designate a specific place for everything.

Do you have stacks of papers and random items piled up on your countertops and other surfaces? If you are ready to organize your home this winter, go around with a box or laundry basket and collect everything that is out of place. Sort through all the items in the box and throw away what you don’t need or want. Then go back around the house and find a designated place to store the remaining items.

2. Store everything behind closed doors if possible.

Storing things on tables and open shelves can look sloppy and add to visual clutter, even if these items are technically in their designated spots. If you can, try to organize everything in cabinets that have doors, inside drawers, or in decorative bins or baskets on the shelves.

3. Clear clutter off the refrigerator.

Magnets, lists, and pictures–these items only add to the visual clutter. Take some time when you organize your home this winter to clear everything off the fridge, then add back just a few select items.

4. Organize your kitchen cabinets and drawers.

Do you have glass-front doors on your cabinets? Anything inside these cabinets should be displayed in an organized manner. Consider storing only your favorite and nicest items in cabinets with glass doors. Also, use drawer dividers to organize messy utensils and make them easier to locate when you need to use them.

5. Keep the entryway neat and organized.

The entryway is the first room you see when you arrive home, and walking into a messy entry creates stress. In winter, people wear more layers and boots that take up more space when removed. When you organize your home this winter, be sure to include the entryway in your cleaning spree. Make sure there is a place for all the items you may put down when you come inside. This might require investing in a coat rack, shoe cubbies, and a compartment for umbrellas and other items.

Is your home in need of some decluttering and organization? Winter is the perfect time to get the house in order. If you are looking for a great indoor home improvement project during the colder weather, organize your home this winter using these five ideas.

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