Home security should be high on the list of any homeowner. Many criminals look for homes that appear to be easy to access or unguarded. You can use technology to improve home security or just some simple alterations. The top 9 tips are:

1. Check the Door Locks

Having deadbolts on all exterior doors strengthens any entry point. Check the deadbolt plates on the doorframe. The screws that hold the plates in place should be longer than three inches. If they are not, replace them.

Make sure the door frame is solid and free from any rot. With the door open, open and close the lock. It should feel stable. If it feels wobbly or loose, it is time for a new one.

2. Examine Windows

The latches should click into place and hold the window closed firmly. Installing sensors on the frames offer additional security. If the window is opened, the sensor is tripped and a loud alarm will sound.

A green option for window security is planting thorny shrubs below the window. These prickly plants add another level of difficulty for a burglar.

3. Use Lighting to Improve Home Security

Motion-detecting outdoor lights are an effective way to scare off intruders. Place the lights around any exterior doors and dark corners of the home. Solar lights are another option. Solar lights charge up all day and give off a steady soft glow at night. Solar lights are good for areas that do not have electricity.

4. Secure Garages

Locking the garage doors at night is not something many homeowners do, but it can become a habit just like locking the front door. Install blinds on any garage windows to keep curious eyes away.

5. Install Security Cameras

Online retailers and electronic stores sell DIY security cameras. Features to look for in an outdoor system are waterproof cameras, Wi-Fi capabilities to connect to smart home programs, and quality night vision.

6. Use Timers Inside The House

If you are going out of town, set some interior lights to come on in the evening. It is also a good idea to set a radio or television to turn on periodically, so it sounds and looks like someone is at home.

7. Lock Exterior Buildings

Do not forget about garden and storage sheds. Thieves see these as an easy way to get tools which can be used to break into your home. Make sure to use good locks on exterior buildings.

8. Put Out Security Signs

Having a sign in the window that says you have a security system is often enough to make a criminal move to the next property. Put them in windows that face the street or have some signs placed by the front door in the landscaping.

9. Install a Video Doorbell

Smart doorbells are cameras that record anyone who comes to the front door. They are connected to your cell phone through an app, so you can see what is happening from anywhere. You can also talk to the person at the door remotely, so they assume you are in the house. A side benefit is that these doorbells capture street activity and other useful footage as reported by CNN.

Technology, maintenance, and property checks can improve home security. Whether you invest a lot or make a few minor changes, there are many ways to better protect your home.

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